3 Music Videos That Are The Definition Of #BadBitchesOnly

*** This post is written by NaNa from lifeupeducationtv.com. You can follow NaNa @lifeupnana_ed***

If you have been following BillionDollarBabyStory, You probably have noticed that we say #BadBitchesOnly quite often by now. We say this because we like the word and the word describes us really well!! <3

We are not just pretty faces and sexy bodies. We are powerful bad-bitches who are mind-blowingly sexy and also smart, ambitious and interesting beyond the look <3 ( and we can be a little bit naughty in a pleasant way if we wanted to ;) )  

So here we prepared the list of music videos made by absolute #badbitches who inspire our style to welcome you to #BadBitchesOnly club. 

#1. Niykee Heaton - Bad Intentions ft. Migos

If Niykee from this video doesn't count as a BadassBitch, we don't know what does. She absolutely killing it in this video. 

#2. Migos, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B Moter  Sports 

We know Nicki and Cardi don't have the best condition in their friendship right now. In fact, this is probably the last video both queens are in the same video collaborating as of now. Both Nicki and Cardi B are absolutely money babes and wear bad bitch attitudes. You instantly realize that they are strong, independent and sexy women who gained a tremendous amount of fame through their talents in the entertainment just from the way they carry themselves! And we love that! 

This badbitches attitude appear in their raps. 


Cardi B:

Ride the dick like a BMX
No nigga wanna be my ex (No)
I love when he go on tour
'Cause he cums more, when I see him less
I get up set off
I turn Offset on
I told him the other day
Man, we should sell that porn
Yeah, Cardi B, I'm back, bitches
I don't wanna hear I'm actin' different (Yeah)
Same lips that be talkin' 'bout me
Is the same lips that be ass kissin'
These hoes ain't what they say they are
And their pussy stank, they catfishin'



Uh, yo, watch your man, then you should watch your mouth
Bitches is pressed, administer mouth to mouth
You see them stats, you know what I am about
I am the champ, I'm Iron Mike in a bout
Attention, I'ma need you to face front
You don't want smoke with me, this is a laced blunt
Rap's Jackie Chan, we ain't pullin' them fake stunts
My crown won't fit on your bum-ass lace fronts (Uh)
You bitches catchin' a fade, shout out my nigga Lil Boosie
All of your friends'll be dead, you can get hit with that Uzi
I call him Ricky, he say he love me like Lucy
Get you a straw nigga, you know this pussy is juicy
This Givenchy is custom made, now you can't get it at Saks though
I don't work in no office, but they copyin' and that's facts though
I ain't tryna be violent, but if Nicki on it, it slaps, ho

3. Lady Gaga - Telephone ft. Beyoncé

 Do you remember this video with Lady Gaga and Beyonce? We have multiple reasons we chose this video. One of which is definitely because of its storytelling. The whole story is entertaining and the visual is creative. Once you watch the video, you will definitely know why these women are badbitches ( literally lol )

 Now tell us what your definition of basbitches are? Comment below!


*** This post is written by NaNa from lifeupeducationtv.com. You can follow NaNa @lifeupnana_ed***

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