3 Addictive Japan Inspired American Music Videos


#1.Ozuna - Síguelo Bailando (Video Oficial)

This is by far one of our favorites <3 Ozuna and his mascot bear goes to Tokyo and shows around the entire city of Japan Including Tokyo, Osaka... 🐻🐻



#2. Russ - BEST ON EARTH (Feat. BIA) (Official Video)

It's getting nasty as BIA says 🙈 Ok we are ranking Russ although the video was not shot in Japan. Because we LOVE Russ and he is the best on earth <3 This video came out just around when queen Rihanna was visiting Japan and he mentions her name in the video.. so it counts? ;) Oh! and he includes Ichiro in the lyric! 

" I might have to fly her out to Mykonos Or maybe to Japan so I can hit her like I'm Ichiro"

#3. Power Justin Bieber ft will.i.am

Do you remember this video from Justin Beiber? All the dancers are from Japan ;) You can also see Japanese on street signs in the video. These places actually exist in Japan so this is how you know the video was shot in Japan! This video was released at the beginning of all that neon color trend that came followed. You can see really that many American artists and pop-artists find Tokyo as a special place that they often integrate the style of the culture into their arts.


Tokyo has a lot to say when it comes to creating trends, and culture that people appreciate <3 



Drop us a comment if you know more video we should check out! 

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