2019 Latest unique trend item list: Easy and Quick Buy List just for you, bad bitch <3

Hey BillionDollarBabies! 

Have you ever wondered why he hell you are always the one who hears about what is trending at the end of the trend? This post is definitely for you, wondering fashion advice seeker! 

We featured 5 of the most trending products NOW from our store.  ( Our favorite one is listed at the end!) I mean shopping season is coming up with so many social events like Friends giving, Christmas Parties and New Years' eve party and more. Now is the perfect time to clear out all the shopping list to prepare for all these upcoming events. So there you go! 

1.  Billion Dollar Baby Story military police stilettos camouflage ankle boots


2. BillionDollarBabyStory - Camo Doll - High Waist Scrunch Yoga Pants

Camouflage print is in the middle of the hit trend now! It's super cute design and the perception goes toward its symbol really show off how fun, adventurous and strong woman you are <3  

3. BillionDollarBabyStory Animal me - Leopard print mini dress


4. Billion Dollar Baby Story sexy animal girl long-sleeved bodysuit

Leopard is another hit trend that is going on RIGHT NOW! Leopard is loved by so many people regardless of the trend. There it is. For all the leopard addicts we have MANY leopard items in the store and there are the few items that collect the most site visits from our store!  

5. Billion Dollar Baby Story sexy animal girl long-sleeved bodysuit

Finally, this is the last but definitely not the least feature from our collection!!! In fact, this is our newest and the most favorite of the list <3 The design in the dress has a good balance between "playfully naughty" & "sophisticated"      

So here it was. Our favorite list of the latest trend winter 2019! You are one of us. We know what you like ;) We hope you found #styleinsp from this blog post! Oh! Did we mention that we have 40% OFF on the entire store for black Friday? So stuck up for your holiday shopping right now while sales are on. Get More and Save Big <3 x.o.x.o.  

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