BillionDollarBabyStory Black Friday Secret Sales

Black Friday Count down is ticking every day! 

We are offering unbeatable 40% OFF already but we wanted to give even more! We launched this secret promotion for you to give you an ADDITIONAL discount each day until the Black Friday weekend.  


Here is how it works. 

Step 1. Go to

or any other subscription boxes that you can find on the collection pages or the product pages that look like this. 


Step 2. Go to your inbox and find a welcome email from BillionDollarBabyStory & confirm your email address by following the guidance given.

Step 3. That's it! You will receive an email for the next 5 days with a secret promotion code and the secret collection.

Each day, we will send a new promotion for a different collection so you will be able to save max 55% - 60% OFF. So Just relax and wait like this dancing baby once you sign up!




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