Perceptions of Colors ( Different meanings of colors)

Different colors have different meanings and associations for them.

Today in this blog, we wanted to dig deeper into our research in the perception of colors! 

Color #1 White;

  1. White is a calm color. White in design also gives a sense of new, cleanness and freshness. White is also a color of innocence. 

Check Angel - Turtleneck furry fashion mini dress  (white)

Color #2 Red 

  1. Red is a color of passion and power! Red dresses make women appear more sexual. 
  2. Red however also tends to associate with attention needing, alertness, and danger. 
  3. Red also doesn’t play well in a situation where it needs creativity. 
  4. Red is a great color to use as an accent to the entire outfit look. 

Harajuku Star - Creative diamond coke can shoulder bags (Regular Coke)

Color #3 Yellow

  1. Yellow is the most visible color for women's eyes. Even blind people can recognize the color yellow. 
  2. Yellow also gives the impression of being healthy. Just the right amount of this color leaves the impression that you are an energetic and healthy person! 

Fashion leader - Crocodile print square bag

Color #4 Blue 

  1. Blue is the color of water and sky. Blue is a calming color. In fact, a clerk in a blue uniform is perceived as easier to talk to than a clerk in a red uniform.

Ready - One Shoulder Long Sleeve Mini Dress ( Blue)


Finally, the best color to wear to look sexy and intelligent is BLACK

The color black is timeless, sleek, clean-cut and exudes confidence.

  1. Black is the color of sophistication, prestige, power, and seriousness
  2. Black is the color of confidence and success 
  3. Black is the color of luxurious

Model - Mesh Patchwork Cut Black Dress


Now let us hear your thoughts on color perception. Did you agree with all the perceptions introduced here? What is the color you want to associate yourself with?


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